The Gardening Angels are a group of dedicated Orangeville and District Horticultural Society Members. These members tend to a number of Public Gardens located throughout the
Town of Orangeville. These gardens help make Orangeville beautiful.

Each of the below mentioned members help tend to one of the 10 public gardens. The beds are planted, weeded, and watered throughout the garden season. The gardens are located at Alexandra Park, Orangeville District High School, Greenwood Cemetery, The Orangeville Seniors Centre, Kay Cee Gardens, C Line Public Works, Orangeville Firehall, Orangeville Police Station, the Centre Street Community Garden and Alder Rec Centre.

For more information on the Public Gardens contact the coordinator Jill Cutter.


Jill Cutter, Coordinator

  • Alder Street Recreation Centre
  • Themed white, yellow and orange perennial garden for Town of Orangeville.
  • Estela Embree & Jill Cutter

  • Alexander Park
  • Pretty park in the centre of town.
  • Chrisann Moore

  • Centre Street Community Garden
  • A tiny and mighty garden.
  • Jill Cutter

  • C-Line Works Department
  • Continuous blooming amazing perennial garden, a "pollinator" garden, winning the OHA "Pollinator Haven" Award last year.
  • Donna McAvoy & Miranda Eagleson

  • Fire Hall
  • Delightful large round garden.
  • Lori McHenry & Kathy Sutton

  • Greenwood Cemetery
  • An annual garden with a bright, colourful eye-catching theme viewed from the highway.
  • Jean Wiegard & Estela Embree & Jill Cutter

  • Hockley Holding Garden
  • A collection of interesting and unusual plants for our annual June Plant Sale.
  • Chris Cann, Brenda Scott, Thom Robinson, Trish Symons, Carol Whelan & Jill Cutter

  • KayCee Gardens
  • Half shade half sun "sensory and meditative" garden.
  • Barb Ackerman

  • Orangeville Secondary School
  • Large colourful interesting perennial "pollinator" garden.
  • Sylvia Bradley & Herb Harris

  • Orangeville Hydro with Angels
  • 3 gardens - roadside, shade, and two front door colourful entrance perennial gardens.
  • Vivian Petho, David Vahey & Solomon Vahey

  • Police Station
  • 7 gardens here, a huge job, kudos to all of you.
  • Chris Cox, Lynda Shillum & Kathy Le Blanc

  • Seniors Centre
  • Always a colourful sight!
  • Sandi Lovell